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User Administration Page

On this page you can add, delete, and modify safTdox user accounts.

You should limit the number of users who have Administrative permissions to one or two people who have significant safety or management roles within your organization. The names of the people who upload documents become part of the audit trail and imply legal responsibility that the document uploaded is the currently approved and controlled document.

These Administrative accounts should not be given to persons who do not have a significant level of authority.

During WorkCover investigations or audits you may create an Admin User account for the Investigator and the Regulator to use so that they can audit your documents (commonly referred to as a Desktop Audit by the Regulator) without requiring a site visit.

The number of general users in a standard Multi-User account is unlimited. You can give each of your workers their own access or you may choose to have one general user accounts for all workers. You are also able to create general user accounts for Suppliers, Clients, and other stakeholders who require access to your safety portal.