SAFTDOX helps small business prequalify as a supplier to larger companies. Our clients have successfully passed Achilles Information Limited audits, Lend Lease audits, and local government assessments to secure major supply contracts.

Major industries and government agencies must pass much stricter work health and safety compliance requirements than small business.  For a small business to be approved as a supplier of goods or services to larger companies, they must be able to prove that they have suitable compliance systems in place.  This is where SAFTDOX comes in.  With a SAFTDOX system, including the essential documents package, your business will be eligible for major industrial and government contracts.

For small business, SAFTDOX can be used as both a safety and a quality management system. SAFTDOXis designed to be consistent with Australian and International standards for information management safety, and quality control.

SAFTDOX improves business processes by structuring and simplifying key management policies and procedures.  We also provide professional coaching and training to support you through the process.

If you want to grow your business by supplying products and services to government, and major industries such as the construction industry, then SAFTDOX can help you to succeed.

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