SAFTDOX is an online policy and procedure portal that allows Persons Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU), business owners, to easily manage critical WHS documents, and share current, active policy documents* with staff and stakeholders.  SAFTDOX databases are hosted on Australian servers.

Policy documents published in SAFTDOX for your workplace are legally binding, enforceable by law, and constitute your committment to ensuring the health, safety, and well being of everyone, including yourself, while at work.

Having your own SAFTDOX system demonstrates that your business is committed to safety and adheres to best practices as regulated by Work Health and Safety Queensland.

The SAFTDOX portal is available to staff and stakeholders.  The policy documents available from this portal are controlled and apply to all staff, visitors, contractors, and suppliers.

You will be able to access all of the policy documents by logging in with the login details provided to you.  It is expected that staff will be familiar with and use these documents in the course of their work.

If you have not received the login details and believe that you should have access please contact admin@madsennet.com.

*Policy documents include all documents relating to your business policies.  For example, policies, procedures, forms, registers, hazard reports, safe work method satements, risk assessments etc.