Cultural Perspective

The cultural perspective on health and safety takes in two different issues.  The  first is the cultural diversity of the workers in a particular workplace including the Australian cultural norms and expectations.  The second is the culture within the organisation itself. Big or small businesses develop a culture of their own over time. Managers and […]

Risk Management Perspective

The Risk Management approach is the basis of all Work Health and Safety Management activities, from creating and adopting policies and procedures to reviewing and monitoring the effectiveness of those policies and procedures. Hazards should be identified before incidents occur ideally, risk assessments should be performed in conultation with workers and using a risk matrix, […]

Are your safety policies just sitting on a shelf?

Safety policies, procedures, registers, checklists, safety data sheets, training records and other safety documents are all part of your safety management system. If you have a policy and procedures manual (PPM) that does nothing but sit on a shelf collecting dust then you are missing your opportunity to properly communicate your safety culture to your […]

Participative Ergonomics for Manual Tasks  (PErforM)

Three (3) simple ways to start your business visual safety system in under an hour. An extension of Qld Workplace Health and Safety’s recommended method for managing hazardous manual tasks.  Participative Ergonomics for Manual Tasks – PErforM  As the saying goes, “what gets measured, gets managed” but for many small and medium business’s,  developing and […]